Badiya: Desert Survival - Unity3D

Badiya is a Sandbox Survival RPG set in the WWI era desert lands. Available on Steam Early Access.

Procedural POI System

I wrote the Procedural POI System to help create randomized versions of natural POIs, the system is used to create scriptable object templates that define a POI's size, Scatter parameters, and Assets to be scattered. Then it creates a procedural POI at runtime when placed by the game. The system includes optimizations such as staggered spawning over multiple frames and a custom LOD system for displaying dense grass.


Rideable Animals

I wrote the Camel and Horse controller allowing the player to Mount, Unmount, and Ride animals in the game.


Badiya - Weather Shaders

I integrated, customized and created multiple Unity shaders to support the game's dynamic weather system with dynamic snow, sand and wetness material shader effects.


Badiya - Item Billboards

I crated a shader based system to allow for displaying hundreds of item billboard indicators.


Badiya - Character Customization

I created the character customization system for Badiya player and NPCs, I skinned new clothes assets and added over 140 pieces of clothing to the game. The system supports clothes layers using a mix of corrective blend shapes and masks to remove overlapping geometry.


Badiya - Arabic Localization

I wrote a system to switch UI layouts between Arabic (RTL) and English (LTR) languages. This allowed for a more accurate representation of the arabic language.


Badiya - PhotoMode

I wrote photomode system, allowing players to enter photomode,take screenshots and 360 images, adjust DOF, Image filters, and various image settings.


Badiya - UI Design and Programming

I was tasked with designing and implementing all UI elements in the game, including all main menus and in-game panels. I also created a dynamic controller icon system that switches all game controller propmt icons on the fly, whenever a new controller device is used.


Badiya Battle Royale Cross Platform Multiplayer Game - Unreal Engine 4

Badiya Battle Royale is set in the Badiya desert world, with plans to release on iOS, Android, PC, and later on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is still in development with open beta on mobile coming soon. I am working on UI, Gameplay Systems, Integrating Playfab, and writing multiplayer gameplay logic in blueprints.

Badiya Battle Royale - Playfab Integration

I contributed to the implementation of playfab user authentication and dedicated multiplayer server management using the playfab's blueprints API.
Game servers are hosted using Playfab's dedicated server hosting on AWS.

BBR_PlayfabIntegration BBR_PlayfabIntegration

Badiya Battle Royale - Optimization For Mobile

I was responsible for optimizing the game map which consisted of 15 points of interest, I did several passes of mesh, texture and material optimizations, I also utilized UE4's HLOD system. The map currently runs smoothly on target iOS and Android devices.

BBR_PlayfabIntegration BBR_PlayfabIntegration BBR_PlayfabIntegration BBR_PlayfabIntegration BBR_PlayfabIntegration

Badiya Battle Royale - UE4 Build Automation Tool

I created a GUI Python tool to speed up the processs of creating client, server, iOS and Android builds of the game.
the tool also creates the required files to upload builds to the playfab server.


Gravity Error Porting to PlayStation 4

I was responsible for porting Gravity Error to PlayStation 4 as part of a publishing deal with the developer, the game is an indie 2d platformer created for PC using Unity3D, and was programmed in Unity Script. I fixed a number of bugs in the game, adjusted the controller scheme to work properly on PS4, setup Trophies and SaveData for PS4, made various adjustments to the game to insure it complied with all PS4 TRCs and delivered the final packages for submission on PlayStation Store. The game is currently live in US and EU regions

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Falcon VR Experience - Unreal Engine 4

I created a VR experience for the Falcon Exhibition in Riyadh 2019, I was given one week to to create and deploy the experience in the venue. The game was running on three 2070 RTX machines, each connected to an HTC Vive with a wireless adapter setup.

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vGallery - Unity3D

vGallery is a platform that allows users to create their own 3D Virtual galleries and share them with the world or browse galleries created by others. available on iOS and Android

vGallery - Placement System

I ported my building system I did for Badiya and added all the needed content. The system allows for the placement of objects on floors, walls, and on top of other objects based on an intelligent system that validates placement and prompts the user.


vGallery - Saving System

The saving system saves user generated rooms into data structures ready for storage in the Firebase Database, this includes placed models and material overrides.


vGallery - Material Editing

The material editing system allows the user to change materials of walls and floors of a gallery individually or in groups, those changes are then saved to the database.


vMakkah - Unity3D

vMakkah is a 3D application that takes the user on an interactive educational tour to the cities of Makkah and Madina where they can learn to perform Hajj and Omrah islamic pilgrims. available on iOS, Android and soon on PS4

vMakkah - Modular Assets

I created 90% of the modular assets used to create the two major scenes in this project, Makkah and Madinah.
I modeled and textured highly detailed modular assets and delivered them to the level designer who assembled the scenes.
I had to work under strict requirements to insure assets were suitable for mobile devices back in 2013.












vMakkah - Mobile Optimization And Deployment to iOS and Android

I did a lot of model, texture and shader optimizations to get all scenes in the project to run smoothly on iOS and Android mobile devices.
I was also responsible for packaging the project and submitting it to Google Play and the AppStore.


vMakkah - Bundles System

I created a bundle system based on the Unity Addressable system that uses Firebase Storage to store scene packages and download them on demand based on the needs of the user.


Bring Me Down Mobile Game - UDK

Bring Me Down was my first ever game created back in 2011, it was released on the iOS AppStore and was featured as New & Noteworthy in various regions. The game was made using UDK and has been downloaded more than 250,000 times, with a rating of 4.6 stars.

Stay With Me - February 2015 Epic Game Jam Winner - Unreal Engine 4 - C++

Stay With Me won in the Feburary 2015 Epic Game Jam, and was featured on the EpicGames Live Stream. all game logic was written in C++.

Stay With Me - Custom Pawn

I wrote a custom player pawn in C++ that captured input from two players on the keyboard and moved the 2 avatars, it also handles camera position so its closer when the players are close together and farther when they are apart.


Stay With Me - Procedural Level

The game featured a procedurally generated level with ramping up difficulty and challenge, that was also written in C++.


3D Generalist

I'v worked in Television and Animation for over 8 years, with focus on 3D Motion Graphics for TV Commerials, Channel Branding and Cartoon Animated Series

3D Generalist - Cartoon Series

I"ve worked on many 3D animated cartoon series as a Modeler, Animator, Lighting, Rendering Specialist, and Compositor, below are samples from works I contributed to.

Cartoon Series

Cartoon Series

Cartoon Series

3D Generalist - Channel Branding

These are smaples of work I did for a number of clients, I am responsible for everything on these project, including Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Simulation, Composting and delivering the final output to the client.
Software used: 3DsMax, Maya, Realflow, Photoshop and Vray

About Me

Technical Art

Technical Artist

My Engineering background allows me to tackle difficult problems with ease, I am passionate about programming and automation, with deep interest in procedural generation and Machine learning.

I've had experience with various programming and scripting languages such as C#, C++, Python, MaxScript, and Mel.

Game Development

Game Developer

I've had professional experience with both Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4, programming for both engines using C# and C++ respectively, I also have experience in most technical aspects of both engines including shader and material creation, lighting, realtime optimization, editor tools, asset pipelines and deployment to most platforms (Steam PC, Appstore iOS, Google Play Android, PS4 and XBOX).

3D Generalist

3D Generalist

After graduating as an Electronics Engineer back in 2005, I decided to switch careers and pursue my passion for computer graphics, I've worked for 8 years in Film and Television, and gained experience in all aspects related to media production. I've worked on 3D Animated series, TV Channels Branding, TV Commercials, and Film VFX shots.

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